Parents’ Guide

At Toddle In Private Nursery, you can be assured we will take the best care of your child imaginable, this section details some of our policies, you can select an area from the navigation on the left.


If your child has a comforter at home, for example a special teddy or blanket, please feel free to let them bring it to nursery to help them feel secure throughout the settling in period.

Oral Hygiene

As part of our ‘Smile for Life’ accreditation (a former oral health initiative by East Lancashire Health), when your child begins at Toddle In we will introduce them to using a toothbrush after lunch. This will help develop a routine for your child at an early age and promote good dental hygiene. Additionally, only water and milk are provided as healthy hydration.

Clothing and Footwear

Please supply your child with spare clothing in case of accidents or spills. Please also ensure your child is dressed appropriately, taking into consideration the weather. Many parents provide wellies to keep at nursery so that the children can have fun in the puddles on rainy days.

Toilet Training

When your child is ready for toilet training at home, we also like to encourage the continuation of this in the nursery, with parental input and advice. It is also useful to be aware of any special words or gestures that are used during this stage.