Tots (0-2 Years)

1 member of staff for every 3 children

Our ‘baby unit’, led by Lindsey Bibby (joined 2017) is a bright and cheerful place, furnished to provide a home from home environment. It contains a vast array of resources to stir your baby’s senses and aid their development.  Staff provide a range of activities to assist your baby’s progress, based upon the guidance and recommendations of the Government’s ‘EYFS’ framework (see earlier).

A separate sleep room is also available to cater for your baby’s rest patterns throughout the day,  depending on their home routine, which we attempt to follow as closely as possible. The sleep room also doubles up as a calming, ‘sensory’ room where all nursery children can relax and enjoy.

Fresh linen, bowls, cups and cutlery are all provided although we appreciate that you may wish to provide your own. For the Tiny Tots the daily menu can be adapted, for example pureed, to ensure they receive a nourishing diet appropriate to their age. However, again, you may feel more comfortable providing your own meals at this stage, which again, we are happy to accommodate.

We do ask however that if this is the case, any food from home should be provided in a clean plastic container with a lid or in unopened packaging as bought. The packaging must be clearly labelled with your child’s name, the date and the type of food. We also ask that parents/carers sign a consent form confirming that they wish the nursery to provide food brought from home.

Due to the possibility of some children within the nursery suffering from nut allergies, we do ask that no foods containing nuts or nut-based products are brought to the nursery. Formula for bottle feeds must be pre-measured at home at home by parents and brought into nursery with your empty bottles for the staff to prepare as and when required.

As specific nappy brands and formula feeds are often preferred, obviously limiting what we can stock, we do ask that you provide your own, along with any baby lotion, wipes, creams etc, which can also help to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Each baby/child will be provided with their own ‘Bits and Bats Box’, which will contain their own changing products, nappy rash creams etc. so, nappies can be brought into nursery in bulk if you wish.

We want more than anything for your babies to feel at home, so please feel free to bring any favourites e.g. toys, blankets etc along. However, as with items of clothing, please ensure that they are labelled so as not to get lost and hence lead to utter chaos and endless sleepless nights at home!

A daily diary will be sent home to keep you informed of your child’s eating, toileting, learning and general behaviour at nursery. This also provides parents with the opportunity to write any notes to nursery that they may feel necessary.

To provide stimulating activities we work within the ‘EYFS’ framework which covers all your child’s developmental needs.  Your baby will interact with an assortment of age appropriate play activities such as:

  • Books – to encourage language development
  • Messy play – to stimulate senses
  • Construction – to encourage fine motor skills
  • Outdoor Play – to encourage gross motor skills
  • Music, Movement and Art activities – to encourage creative skills