Our Philosophy, Aims & Objectives

At Toddle In, we are here to provide a happy and healthy; friendly and fun; safe and secure; loving and learning environment.

We offer a child centred approach where all children are encouraged to develop physically, socially, mentally and emotionally, in a stimulating environment led by fully trained staff.

Our overall objective is to help establish the basic foundations for the development of a well rounded little person who will continue to develop through life with the confidence to grow, the enthusiasm to learn and the kindness, consideration and respect to form meaningful relationships with others.

In order to do this we:

  • aim to meet the differing individual needs of all children and their parents, providing equality of opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, background or ability;
  • aim to identify and support any special needs, monitoring them in accordance with the Code of Practise;
  • aim to provide a warm, caring and supportive atmosphere where children can develop to their full potential;
  • aim to provide a broad and balanced early years curriculum which will ensure a sound base for entry into Primary Education;
  • aim to develop a sense of humour and fun in children;
  • aim to welcome parents and carers at all times as the first and most important educators of their children, working in partnership with them to maximise their child’s development and ensure parents/carers peace of mind;
  • will encourage staff to maintain high but realistic expectations, to ensure children achieve to their full capability;
  • ensure that staff provide role models of courtesy, respect and good manners at all times and will use praise to develop high standards of behaviour in children;
  • ensure that staff encourage good behaviour positively and when dealing with unacceptable behaviour, never use physical punishment or humiliation to discipline a child (see Behaviour Policy);
  • ensure that staff continually assess and record the progress of children and provide regular feedback to parents;
  • encourage staff to attend regular meetings to exchange and be updated on any relevant information, training material and legislation;
  • ensure that staff provide an attractive, well resourced and stimulating environment for the children, with well planned and differentiated play and learning activities, enabling children to learn at their own pace;